The concept of growth

Marketing is an Artisanal Craft

No single approach fits all brands and products at all times. Yet, there is a core structure and a common set of principles that drive the design of the marketing strategy, the choice of tactics and channels at any given time.

Your business may be fully digital, but without clearly defining positioning, value proposition and messaging, you will waste money on ineffective acquisition efforts. Your products may be ‘traditional’ but pure branding work will take a large budget without producing immediate and measurable results.

B2BOTH’s approach covers both ends of this spectrum. The emphasis of each solution is based on the needs of each client.

Whether your company markets to consumers or to businesses, B2BOTH can help design a marketing plan that will define/align with the core attributes of your brand, guide your team during implementation, and deliver measurable results.

Our Beliefs

Good products don’t sell themselves (not to mention bad ones)

Marketing thinking can & should be embedded in the product development process

We love under-marketed products. They can be goldmines

Marketing should follow the principles of agile development & embrace the ‘test-measure-refine’ cycle

Our Promise

When you hire us, you can expect to get lean-yet-deep analysis, and executive-level strategic recommendations delivered with intelligence and zest. Our recommendations are actionable, always including implementation roadmaps and resources.